Q. How do I make reservations? How do I pay?

A. We accept online reservations (advance payments).

Q. Can I stay with my children?

A. We can accommodate children (girls only) except for elementary-aged children and below.

Q. Is there a TV?

A. Unfortunately, we do not have a TV.

Q. Can I smoke?

A. Smoking is prohibited in all rooms. If you wish to smoke, please use the designated public areas.

Q. Are there stairs?

A. The hotel is on 3 floors, so there is no elevator.

Q. Is there a bathtub?

A. No, only showers.

Q. Is there an order for showers? Do I have to make reservations?

A. No. Please just use the shower when it’s free.

Q. Is there a time when I have to be quiet?

A. Quiet time starts after 20:00.